Russell Solomon Has An Innate Ability

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The empire that Russell Solomon has created is based around his personality, skills, and philosophy. Russell Solomon, in addition to being a savvy businessman, is a fitness expert, author, martial artists, public speaker, celebrity trainer, TV personality, and health coach. He didn’t create a business empire and excel in so many trades because he is a greedy workaholic, but because he has a passion for helping others to exercise and eat properly in order to be more healthy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what Russell Solomon’s entire business is centered around.

Solomon’s public speaking skills are internationally recognized. He has an innate ability to communicate effectively on the subject of healthy lifestyles to virtually any crowd. It is Solomon’s personal experience that makes his philosophy, speaking style, and exercise regimen so inspiring. He was once an overweight underachiever who was in great pain and experienced much despair because he was not healthy. Solomon did not wallow in it forever, though, he was able to work through these difficult times by eating right and exercising. He became a leader in the fitness and wellness industry, as well as a self-made entrepreneur. He competed in sports and excelled in academics after that and went on to earn degrees in marketing management and communications. Using his formal and informal educations, he has helped many people to transform their lives over the last twenty-five years.

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